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Phil and Kathy Henry

Phil & Kathy Henry Chasing Storms in Tornado Alley Since 1993

Phil Kathy Henry

Phil and Kathy have been chasing severe storms and tornados since 1993 when Phil built a project car for Car and Driver Magazine, a storm chase pursuit vehicle. Editor Phil Berg came along and spent a week with the Henry's covering thousands of miles in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The result was an article entitled "Chasing The Wind" which appeared in the May 1994 issue of Car and Driver. After that trip Phil and Kathy were hooked. They now regularly spend 2 to 3 weeks each spring in Tornado Alley chasing after the ultimate storm.

Warren Faidley Storm Chaser

Phil is the Support Team Leader for Warren Faidley's Storm Chase Team. Warren is one of the world's foremost storm chasers and over the years has accumulated the world's largest collection of severe weather photography, stills, videos, and motion picture film. You may visit Warren's website at:

Kathy Henry

When out chasing, Kathy does most of the driving while Phil, a GPS mapping and navigation expert, is the team's Chief Navigator. The Navigation vehicle, a supercharged 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada is equipped with a full roll cage, fire extinguisher and first aid kit for safety of the Chase Team and and victims of severe weather that the team may encounter. The other chase team vehicles carry first aid supplies as well.

Melin & Jeff Bernard

The third vehicle in the Team is the Communications vehicle piloted by Melin Bernard while husband Jeff monitors everything from DC to Daylight in the radio spectrum using some of the latest, state-of-the-art communications equipment.

Richard Barnett

When available, radio scanner expert Richard Barnett assists Jeff with the monitoring and communications duties. All of the team's chase vehicles are equipped with long range amateur radio equipment, as well as FRS 2 way radios, CB radios and radio scanners.

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