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These are products currently being sold which were invented, developed and patented by Phil and his partners who own the various IP Companies in which Phil is involved.


uniden bc125at

Uniden BC125AT

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Police Scanner Has 500 Alpha Tagged Channels in 10 banks. PC programmable for quick and easy set up for all your favorite frequencies. The BC125AT covers analog, VHF, UHF and Narrow-banding. With this Bearcat scanner you can even receive important weather and safety alerts. The new compact design of the BC125AT is made to comfortably fit in your hand for maximum mobility. Do not be fooled by the new compact design this unit packs a punch of features such as CLOSE CALL RF CAPTURE Instantly Tunes to Signals from Nearby Transmitters, CLOSE CALL Do Not Disturb Mode Prevents Close Call Checks During a Transmission, Signal Strength Meter, Civilian and Military Air bands and much more.

Uniden BC75XLT

This BC75XLT Uniden Handheld Scanner is an ideal way to listen to emergency reports during natural disasters or keep up to date on sporting events such as NASCAR races in real time. The Uniden Bearcat Scanner features 10 programmable scanner banks and a total of 300 channels that you can listen to. Close Call RF capture technology automatically allows the Uniden Handheld Scanner to detect and tune to nearby transmissions automatically, making finding a channel easier. You can also use your computer to program this NASCAR scanner.

niden home patrol 1

Uniden HomePatrol 1

HomePatrol-1 simple program scanner lets you quickly hear the communications systems used by Public Safety, Aircraft, Military, Weather Spotters, and More. Simply enter your zip code and HomePatrol-1 does the rest. Whether it is across town or across the street, HomePatrol-1 keeps you informed. Great for use as a mobile base or handheld.

Uniden BCD996XT

The BCD996XT digital mobile scanner comes equipped with Uniden's exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call™ RF Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility

Uniden BCD396XT

The BCD396XT compact handheld scanner comes equipped with Uniden's exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call RF® Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility

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