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These are products currently being sold which were invented, developed and patented by Phil and his partners who own the various IP Companies in which Phil is involved.


Strobe Alert Technology

The patented technology in these products gives the user an alarm whenever an emergency vehicle running code 2 or code 3 is within about 2 blocks of the user's vehicle. This is accomplished by sensing the strobe lights on these emergency vehicles which causes the device to emit both an audible and visual alarm thereby warning the user to be ready to make way for an emergency vehicle in his or her immediate vicinity. Over 150 persons die each year in traffic accidents involving emergency vehicles. It is hoped this technology will save some of those lives!

cobra radar esd 777

Cobra ESD 777

Stay safe and alerted with the Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector. The Cobra Radar Detector is easy to use and alerts you to the presence of emergency vehicles, as well as radar and laser signals. This VG-2 Radar Detector detects all radar and laser guns with a LaserEye 360-degree detection system. The Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector has both city and highway modes, as well as an auto mute function and a signal strength meter. The Cobra Radar Detector has a voice alert and a strobe alert, so you'll never miss a signal. Stay safe while driving with the Cobra ESD 777 Radar Detector.

Cobra SPX 6700

Don't be fooled by the Cobra SPX 6700's diminutive size: this detector guards you against a host of radar and laser bands — including instant-on POP radar — over an extremely long range, allowing you to travel without worry. It also monitors a safety band to keep you aware of nearby road construction, wrecks, and other situations, while strobe alert detectors tip you off to nearby emergency vehicles. You'll appreciate the clear messages on its 1-inch white OLED text display that give you important information when you need it.

Cobra ESD 9290

Have a radar detector on your side with the Cobra ESD 9290. It provides you with 12 bands of protection and Voice Alert provides you with specific band voice annunciation. Plus, it has 360° detection so you know what's coming from any angle.

cobra eds spx 7800bt

Cobra SPX 7800BT

Cobra's SPX 7800BT radar detector won't lead you blindly into risky situations. You can count on its incredible range and super-fast circuitry to deliver up-to-the-second alerts for all incoming threats. You'll get 15-band protection against radar, laser, and other potential issues, including nearby safety alerts and emergency vehicles with strobe lights activated. The detector's chassis might be small, but you'll have a generous 1.25" color OLED screen showing you what's ahead so you can react with confidence.

Cobra XRS 9770

Hearing an audible radar warning can make a crucial time difference when you've got to react quickly. Cobra's XRS 9770 radar detector not only gives you long-range protection against radar and laser, but it'll also announce what type of band it's detecting so you can make an informed decision without taking your eyes off the road. In addition to warnings for instant-on POP radar, the XRS 9770 also monitors two safety bands to inform you of nearby road work, emergencies, and other situations. And you can still check out the DigiView® text display for additional information when you need it.

Cobra XRS 9945

The Cobra XRS 9945 provides total protection and peace of mind with Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology, detecting all 15 radar/laser bands with its super-fast lock-on detection circuitry. The unit provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest of POP mode radar guns. Other features include Cobra exclusive full-color ExtremeBright DataGrafix Display, an 8-point electronic compass, Voice Alert, car battery voltage display/low car battery warning and much more.

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