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Born in Southern California and raised between there and Las Vegas, Nevada, Phil attended Mission Bay High School in San Diego, then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Engineering, a commission as Ensign in the US Navy Reserve, and a US Coast Guard License as Third Assistant Engineer in the US Merchant Marine at the California Maritime Academy

After serving his country Phil settled in San Diego where he held management positions with large corporations such as Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, and Worthington Pump and Compressor. In 1979 Phil started into his entrepreneurial ventures, the first being a real estate firm in San Diego named RealMart. He later founded Commercial Consultants Corporation, a marketing firm serving the casino and hospitality industry which brought him back to Las Vegas.

Since then he has branched out into radio electronics developing and owning a number of patents used in radio scanners. He is also the managing member of RangeCast Technologies, LLC, a new startup that monitors and stores public service radio traffic for later resale.

More lately, Phil has become involved with two companies, Leadership Challenge, LLC, and RESET Your Life, LLC, both of which present leadership training programs for such clients as the US Marine Corps and US Air Force JROTC Programs, and the Youth Offender Courts in Clark County, Nevada.

Phil has also been involved in politics over the years supporting candidates who support our constitutional form of government.

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